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void-soul: i wish i had nightmares like that

No, you don’t.. I’m still crying to myself and shaking and feel like my heart has been shattered. You want this, take it, because it’s fucking horrible.

Had nightmares for the entirety of my sleep last night.. It was like every single fear I have played before my eyes as I was forced to watch. I woke up not knowing what was real and what was a dream. I’m still upset and feel so fucking anxious and helpless.. I have to hide my tears and and nervous ticks and it’s so, so hard..

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void-soul: post something youve written

so some assbutt can steal it? i’ll have to think about it.

trust me, i am no baudelaire. you aren’t missing much :)

"I’m fading,
I’m barely breathing.
Can’t hold on,
I’m dying,
I must be bleeding.
Won’t be long…"

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blessing of candles 
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Ville valo
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